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Documentation of any connection outages and software issues.

Verizon Network Failure

We experienced a system wide failure in the Verizon area of North Montgomery County. All service to this area, including telephones was down until early this morning. Although they do not provide Internet access to us, they do provide our connection to Consolidated Communications in Conroe. Not coincidentally, Entergy Power had a failure during this time also. Must have been some of the solar storm effect we were warned about.

Server Farm Dreamhost Crashes – Our Sites Go Down

Our server host for this website had a major outage yesterday. Several million other websites were down as well. Thankfully, this happened on a Sunday, the day of rest. I only once had a 24 hour plus outage when I hosted from my own servers and that was in the “rookie” years. Sure didn’t expect this from a company that hosts about 12 million websites.

Hard Copy Invoicing Ends

As the Post Office says, email and the Internet are “killing us”. Thus, beginning 2012 you will not receive invoices from Real Connect by mail. Invoices will be sent to you in an email message. When brochures are included, we may slip the invoice into those shipments. In any case, you can always retrieve copies online by logging into this system.

Entergy Power Failure

Electicity went down around 4:00 PM. I did not fire up the generators because Entergy said they would be back online at 5:40 PM. After 6:00 PM past, I did fire up the generator and ran the system on backup power until 7:20 PM when the power was restored.

Verizon Network Failure

Part of our site went down about 3:00 PM today. Our telephones went down as well. Verizon suffered a complete system failure. Even though we do not use Verizon as our Internet Service Provider, our cable to Consolidated runs through their territory. The information section of the website is working because it is hosted on a “cloud” server somewhere on Earth. The Interactive section does not work.