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About Dana Richardson

President of theReal Connect - Director of Systems & Operations - A real estate broker/salesman in 2 states for over 20 years, Dana founded Real Connect in 1997 after developing a real estate website for his local office. Understanding the ever changing dynamics of the real estate listing, he knew that to electronically deliver accurate listing information it must be derived from the primary network utilized by Realtors - namely the MLS System. Coupled with state-of-the-art visual content, he has helped his clients utilize the Internet as their primary marketing avenue for selling real estate. By networking Realtors, MLS and Photographers,Real Connect delivers and distributes digital media faster and more efficiently than all others. Today, Dana is responsible for software development and architecture, network administration, and is involved with daily operations of all departments. Office: 936-228-0888 Fax: 936-228-0372

New Slideshow Tour Hit Counter App

We have always counted the number of hits to media presentations. The new counter will record the referring website(if allowed), record date, visitor status and more. With this new Counter application we will be able to provide timeline statistics about the activity on each of your finished tours. The counter is listed as “Tour Statistics” under “Your Account” heading. Login is required.

QR Codes Connect Mobile Devices to Your Listings

Over the past 15 years, we have seen many “must use” technologies that never reach the promise of “must use”. We think the simple and easy QR Code technology that scans information into mobile devices and initiates quick results is a winner. These codes work only if the result is what the mobile user is needing. We have developed 2 mobile applications your customers want, a list of your properties and a resulting photographic and detailed display of your listed property.

Visit our QR Code page at: to see examples and how you can start utilizing this technology in your advertising campaigns.

Of course, there is more to come…..

Verizon Network Failure

We experienced a system wide failure in the Verizon area of North Montgomery County. All service to this area, including telephones was down until early this morning. Although they do not provide Internet access to us, they do provide our connection to Consolidated Communications in Conroe. Not coincidentally, Entergy Power had a failure during this time also. Must have been some of the solar storm effect we were warned about.

Mobile Ready App for First Sold Photo Agents

We have completed our mobile app for smartphones and other devices allowing for easy scheduling of photography from most mobile devices. Our email system can determine whether you are using a PC or mobile device, thus links in emails from us will navigate to a mobile ready app if touched when using a cellphone. In fact, navigating to from a mobile device will detect your device and open a simple login form to access your listings when away from a PC.

Included with the App is a list of your active listings that can be used with QR Codes to display a mobile ready property website of each listing. To view how your listings show on a mobile device, click below and login with your MLS Public ID and password you use when accessing our system.

Selecting Photos for HAR Uploads – because we understand that time can be of essence, you can “pass off” the initial photo selection to our office and later change what was uploaded when you are at a PC. The photo selection routines will not work with mobile devices.

Presentations for Homes on Lake Conroe Featured on

When Real Connect photographs your listing in a Lake Conroe subdivision, it will be advertised as a “Featured Home For Sale” and plotted on their Google Map as well. When visitors click the property, they will be directed to the property website created for your listing.

This feature became available because of a new design and focus the developer of started at the beginning of 2012.

View how they present your property at

Server Farm Dreamhost Crashes – Our Sites Go Down

Our server host for this website had a major outage yesterday. Several million other websites were down as well. Thankfully, this happened on a Sunday, the day of rest. I only once had a 24 hour plus outage when I hosted from my own servers and that was in the “rookie” years. Sure didn’t expect this from a company that hosts about 12 million websites.