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About Dana Richardson

President of theReal Connect - Director of Systems & Operations - A real estate broker/salesman in 2 states for over 20 years, Dana founded Real Connect in 1997 after developing a real estate website for his local office. Understanding the ever changing dynamics of the real estate listing, he knew that to electronically deliver accurate listing information it must be derived from the primary network utilized by Realtors - namely the MLS System. Coupled with state-of-the-art visual content, he has helped his clients utilize the Internet as their primary marketing avenue for selling real estate. By networking Realtors, MLS and Photographers,Real Connect delivers and distributes digital media faster and more efficiently than all others. Today, Dana is responsible for software development and architecture, network administration, and is involved with daily operations of all departments. Office: 936-228-0888 Fax: 936-228-0372

Presentations for Homes on Lake Conroe Featured on

When Real Connect photographs your listing in a Lake Conroe subdivision, it will be advertised as a “Featured Home For Sale” and plotted on their Google Map as well. When visitors click the property, they will be directed to the property website created for your listing.

This feature became available because of a new design and focus the developer of started at the beginning of 2012.

View how they present your property at

Server Farm Dreamhost Crashes – Our Sites Go Down

Our server host for this website had a major outage yesterday. Several million other websites were down as well. Thankfully, this happened on a Sunday, the day of rest. I only once had a 24 hour plus outage when I hosted from my own servers and that was in the “rookie” years. Sure didn’t expect this from a company that hosts about 12 million websites.

Hard Copy Invoicing Ends

As the Post Office says, email and the Internet are “killing us”. Thus, beginning 2012 you will not receive invoices from Real Connect by mail. Invoices will be sent to you in an email message. When brochures are included, we may slip the invoice into those shipments. In any case, you can always retrieve copies online by logging into this system.

What’s New

Beside changing our name and website URL, several other routines have changed or been eliminated. Most routines have been improved and streamlined. Our goal is to be 100% focused on helping sell the individual properties you enroll with our photographers.

At this time our photographer staff remains at one. Real Connect was engineered to work with more and may offer additional photographer choices in the near future.

NEW  Offerings from Real Connect

  • Intuitive ordering interface for scheduling photography with “real-time” pricing as packages and options are selected. NO MORE listing price surcharges!
  • New HDR (High Definition) photography options. HDR provides extreme sharpness and color definition not found with normal digital flash photography.
  • Free property websites established for Google indexing
  • Expanded and innovative slideshow presentations posted to TEMPO &
  • Use “alternative office contact” for photography responsibility.
  • Online brochure printing from PDF files for easy print setup
  • Increased “thumbnail” size option when viewing and selecting photos

By moving our website to a “WordPress” open source platform we are incorporating millions of programmers into our range of capabilities. We believe this fact alone will provide our customers a much improved online experience.

Entergy Power Failure

Electicity went down around 4:00 PM. I did not fire up the generators because Entergy said they would be back online at 5:40 PM. After 6:00 PM past, I did fire up the generator and ran the system on backup power until 7:20 PM when the power was restored.

Verizon Network Failure

Part of our site went down about 3:00 PM today. Our telephones went down as well. Verizon suffered a complete system failure. Even though we do not use Verizon as our Internet Service Provider, our cable to Consolidated runs through their territory. The information section of the website is working because it is hosted on a “cloud” server somewhere on Earth. The Interactive section does not work.